2012 – 2014


19 December 2014
FITT: Exec Profile – Shara Evans – CEO Marketing Clarity

1 December 2014
Cardholder Data Discovery Blog: Ground Labs at the PCI Security Council Asia-Pacific Community Meeting

22 October 2014
The Age: Dr Telstra-telco punts $100 million on e-health

10 October 2014
Business Spectator: Brandis’ callousness on data retention beggars belief

8 September 2014
Sydney Morning Herald: NBN fibre trial document ‘misguided’: NBN Co

27 August 2014
VMWare and FITT to Showcase the Technology of Tomorrow at ICT Trends 2014

6 August 2014
Leaders in Heels: A Glimpse of the Future – Interview with Technology Futurist Shara Evans

31 July 2014
Sydney Morning Herald: 3D printing funds needed to revive manufacturing in Australia

29 July 2014
Australian Business Herald: The extortionate price of mandatory data retention

29 July 2014
Business Spectator: Mandatory data retention is a rort

28 July 2014
CommsDay Magazine: Smart Cities for Clever Telcos

24 July 2014
The New Daily: The ‘Internet of Things’ might change your life

26 June 2014
Amplify: Convenience — At What Cost?

13 June 2014
Women on Boards: The Success Series – Shara Evans

4 June 2014
CommsDay: Bell Labs president talks personal network assistant… a new opp for telcos?

1 May 2014
CommsDay: NICTA Weighs In On Low-Spec M2M Nets

31 March 2014
Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy: Australian mobile broadband network performance

18 March 2014
Lindsay Strategic Advisory: Future Tech Interview

21 Feb 2014
NBN Co: Transcript of Half Year Results

21 Jan 2014
itWire: Announcing: The iTnews Fibre breakfast

11 Dec 2013
Sydney Morning Herald: More Apples, fewer BlackBerries forecast for Canberra

02 Dec 2013
ACMA Consumer Blog: Mobile forum attracts diverse debate

15 Oct 2013
The Sydney Morning Herald: Smartphone bill bombshell

15 Oct 2013
Australian Businesswomen’s Network: Member of the Week

14 Oct 2013
WhaTech: When ‘business-grade’ – means ‘consumer grade’

21 Aug 2013
Business Insider Australia: Why Your Smartphone Sometimes Loses Its Data Connection

19 Aug 2013
WhaTech: Are small businesses getting a raw deal from Australian telcos?

14 Aug 2013
BuddeBlog: Optimising networks through crowdsourcing

22 July 2013
The Register: NBN study – we didn’t make it, but may have made a point

12 July 2013
Crosstalk CommsDay: Do Telcos Understand Very Small Businesses?

08 July 2013
The Register: How The Reg’s NBN study will be researched

30 June 2013
The Register: Albanese takes telecoms ministry

27 June 2013
The Register: Help El Reg welcome our new boss – Support our NBN study for the price of red undies

26 June 2013
Adam Sivell on Mobility: A Clear Pulse

25 June 2013
The Register: The Register’s NBN study – a good start, let’s ramp it up

21 June 2013
Delimiter: Help crowdsource an NBN implementation study

20 June 2013
The Register: Reg to Australia-Here’s your chance to find NBN answers

18 June 2013
Sydney Morning Herald: Bass Strait limits NBN options

18 June 2013
The Register: It’s time to suck the marrow from the NBN debate

17 June 2013
Rock Aid Raises Over $4,000 for Telco Together

03 April 2013
CommsDay Magazine: Is Superfast Broadband worth the cost?

13 March 2013
Venture Consulting: NBN Options for a Coalition Government

31 January 2013
Business IT: Cheap calls not enough to lure all small businesses to VOIP

30 January 2013
Pro Bono Australia News: NFP Broadband Customers Poorly Treated

30 January 2013
Computerworld: Small businesses kept on hold by telecom customer service – ACCAN (PDF)

29 January 2013
ITWire: Small businesses paying business grade prices for consumer grade customer service

29 January 2013
The Australian: Telcos urged to lift their game for small businesses

07 November 2012
The Australian: NBN Co sets business pricing

18 September 2012
The Australian: NBN ‘lumpy’ pricing tiers could lead to large variations in costs

17 September 2012
Computerworld NZ: ComCom raises concerns over cost of UFB installations

01 August 2012
ITWire: Pacific Fibre fails to find funding, folds

30 June 2012
Telstra: Accelerating the pace of change

25 June 2012
ARN: ACCAN awards new projects with funding

20 June 2012
ACCAN: Six new telecommunications consumer advocacy projects for seniors, children, and people experiencing financial hardship

14 June 2012
Phil Dobbie – Twisted Wire: No margin for profit

04 June 2012
ICTCareer: Study shows comparable costs between Tasman ISPs

04 June 2012
Computerworld: ISPs – Australia and New Zealand compared

01 June 2012
The Dominion Post: Aussie ISPs more generous with data

01 June 2012
Telecom Paper: Australian ISPs spend more on network costs than NZ ISPs

01 June 2012
ITWire: Lack of competition cramping NZ broadband

01 June 2012 Weak competition caps data

31 May 2012 Australian ISPs spend more on network costs than NZ ISPs

11 May 2012
DSL Prime: Australia’s Turnbull wants fiber/DSL to reduce national broadband cost

11 May 2012
Fast Net News: Australia’s Turnbull wants fiber/DSL to reduce national broadband cost

08 May 2012
Sydney Morning Herald:Telstra still deciding fate of copper post NBN rollout

30 April 2012
NZ Commerce Commission: 2011 Annual Telecommunications Monitoring Report

12 April 2012
ZDNet: 5 ways for telcos to lift their game

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