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Unsafe at any Connection: Autonomous Vehicles Lacking in Privacy, Security Protections

Long after the release of the Ford Pinto, and subsequent book by Ralph Nader “Unsafe at Any Speed”, the auto industry became accustomed to regulations at almost every corner. In the digital age, we need to consider automotive cybersecurity and privacy to be just as important as other safety features we've learned to depend on.

“Deep Fake” Pedestrians: Real Safety For Autonomous Vehicles

Spotting pedestrians is one of the smart city’s most difficult and important problems. To keep people safe in a world of autonomous cars and robots, systems must be able to tell the difference between “Bruce” and a vertical post.

Australia’s New Encryption Legislation – Major Changes Required

Australia passed its disastrous "Access and Assistance" legislation - a political farce with terrible consequences for society and the technology industry - and I firmly believe that this legislation is attempting the impossible.

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