Inspiring Women in Technology

Futurist Shara Evans shares her personal story in this inspiring keynote

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The challenges that women in technology face today and how you can fast track your career in this competitive industry.

Inspiring Women in Business – Rising to the Top + Bumps Along the Way

In this motivational speech technology futurist Shara Evans shares her inspiring personal story of how she became a business leader and globally renowned futurist — whilst overcoming personal challenges that would have been viewed as impossible barriers by most.

Shara has successfully founded two professional services firms, the first of which (Telsyte) she sold to publicly-listed UXC and is still going strong after 20+ years, as well as Market Clarity. She is now widely considered to be one of the world’s top women technology futurists.

In this speech, Shara describes:

  • How she first became interested in technology
  • How she broke her back in a skydiving accident in 1988, and fought her way back from paralysis
  • Rising through the ranks of corporate America, becoming a global business leader and how she was inspired to start her own companies
  • Business leadership
  • Practical tips on adapting her business strategies in line with market changes
  • Career changes that saw her move from software engineering, to program management, sales and marketing, business owner, futurist, keynote speaker and global media commentator
  • How she became a technology futurist
  • The steps she took to become a global A-list keynote speaker
  • Fighting back after being diagnosed with an inflammatory disease in 2015, after specialist medical professionals in several countries told her there was no cure — but she found one anyway through her investigation of cutting edge bioelectromagnetic technologies, nutritional supplements and meditation!

Shara is also happy to include examples in this speech from the vast array of technology topics that she covers as a futurist such as: AI, robots, cyber security, privacy, alternative energy, cutting edge health technologies, telecoms, ++++

This speech is sure to inspire audience delegates to rise to their full potential.

Inspiring Women in Technology — The Role of Mentors in Fast-Tracking Your Career

Futurist Shara Evans shares her personal story in this inspiring keynote — her journey from a newly minted university graduate with a bachelors degree in Political Science to following her new found passion for technology, software engineering and designing telecommunications protocols.

Rising through the technical ranks to become a lead software architect, and having fabulous business mentors who encouraged her to become involved in international computer associations. Sharing the triumphs, trials and tribulations along the way, Shara will talk about her path to founding and running two successful professional services firms, the first of which (Telsyte) she sold to publicly-listed UXC. She also talks about her recent transition to becoming an internationally known futurist and keynote speaker, and the mentors she’s surrounded herself with to make this a reality.

This is a must see Keynote for all women in Technology, Shara leaves you inspired and with some practical key takeaways on how you too can achieve the success you deserve in this fast paced and highly competitive Industry.

‘I was completely inspired and energised by Shara Evans at the Infocomm International Women event. Shara was both engaging and inspirational.’
Yasmin Grigaliunas, AV Technology (avt)

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