Shara’s Keynote Speeches cover a wide range of Topics across a broad range of Industries

Virtual Keynote Speeches and Webinars are available

Her signature style has been applauded by audiences locally and globally for providing the latest insights on what is happening in technology today, and typically have been described as “Mindblowing”.

Shara ensures that whatever your strategic priorities are, your audience with be left with impactful key takeaways + will motivate your audience to investigate new and emerging technologies that they can relate to.



Futurist Shara Evans has designed a range of digital offerings ranging from virtual speeches, webinars and online conferences to full-fledged online events. All of Shara’s extensive futurist content is available for online delivery. Shara also offers a range of services for executive teams – drawing upon her vast experience in strategic technology consulting.

Future of Work

How will robots, automation and AI impact the workforce of the 2030s and our everyday lives?

Emerging Technologies

From flying robots, 3D printing to AI. How can you harness these technologies to be effective in your business today?


Would you like to get ahead of the investment curve by gaining insight into Hot Industries of the Future? Or, what tomorrow’s cities will look like?

Banking, Finance + Insurance

Facing disruption? Don’t despair – find new ways to manage risk, understand valuable new asset classes, and understand what it means for your Industry.

Privacy + Security

From Sci-Fi to boardroom threat, what every business leader needs to know now!


Will technology let us live longer?
What will this mean for older citizens?


Understanding how the public sector can take advantage of rapidly accelerating technological changes

Vertical Markets

How can industries in a range of vertical segments harness the power of emerging technologies?

Inspiring Women in Tech

The challenges that women in technology face today and how you fast track your career in this competitive industry.

Looking For a Dynamic Speaker?

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