Technology Futurist Shara Evans is a globally acknowledged Keynote Speaker and widely regarded as one of the world’s Top Female Futurists. Highly sought after and in demand by conference producers and media, Shara provides the latest insights and thought provoking ideas on a broad spectrum of issues.

Regardless of your Industry, Shara’s keynote speeches bring together the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge research projects, tying them into strategic insights specifically for your business.

Shara is also a regular media commentator on technology issues — appearing on shows such as Sky News, ABC’s Q&A, The Project, Weekend Sunrise, Lateline, and more and is routinely interviewed by radio, print and online media. And, in March 2020 was named by Forbes as one of the World’s Top 50 Female Futurists (one of the few technology futurists featured in the Forbes list.)

Shara’s Future Tech research covers a very wide range of topics, such as: artificial intelligence, robots, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, driverless vehicles, drones, hyperloops, space travel, jobs of the future, cutting edge medical technologies (including wearables, implantables, stem cells and genetic engineering), COVID-19, FinTech, home automation, security and privacy, alternative energy, climate change, the next wave of innovation, and much more.


Shara Evans is also the Founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analyst firm that provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of the telecom and emerging technologies markets, as well as the Founder of Telsyte (which she sold to publicly listed UXC, now part of DXC Technology), and has been providing innovative research and strategic consulting on telecoms and emerging technologies throughout her successful career.

Shara has a long history of working with top scientific research organisations. She was a member of the CeNTIE (CSIRO Centre for Networking Technologies for the Information Economy), Advisory Board from 2002 – 2007, as well as being an Advisor to the Director of the Networking Technologies Laboratory within CSIRO’s ICT Centre. She also served as a member of the Expert Review Panel for the Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation (ACBI), a collaborative research initiative by the CSIRO in partnership with NICTA, with foundation funding provided by the NSW Government.


Shara helps her clients understand new product and service opportunities that are being underpinned by emerging technologies. Frequently working with executive, strategy and product teams, Shara gets organisations to think outside the box of what’s available today to imagine the world in 10 – 20 years, and assists them in commercialising these concepts into innovative new products and services.

Shara prides herself on taking the time to work with you and your team to tailor her presentations to directly address the issues directly relevant to your company and industry.

‘Shara did a fantastic job, and was able to make the topic relatable to our business members, and show them how they can apply specific opportunities to their business today.’

Greg Griffith, CEO, Family Business Australia
‘Shara’s presentation was absolutely brilliant, interesting and engaging. I actually heard gasps in the audience they were so engaged.’
Valeria Ignatieva, Events Lead , Females in IT & Telecommunications (FITT)
‘I am quite sure that most, if not all people present left the awards ceremony with their mind blown!’
Jason Swemmer, Head of Audit & Risk , Cleanaway Waste Management Limited

‘Inspiring Presentation – The Audience was very Energised. Shara has given the audience food for thought, and inspired them to think in a disruptive and different way.’

Ian Arnold, Workforce Development, NSW Health

‘Shara has a natural stage presence and great ability to clearly explain complex issues and topics.’

Product Development Executive, CPA Australia Congress, CPA Australia

Looking For a Dynamic Speaker?

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