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Futurist Shara Evans is a regular media commentator

17 November 2018
ABC This is Not a Drill: Future Cities (video)

13 November 2018
Healthcare IT: Here’s how new-age technologies will change patient experience

1 November 2018
Womens Health: The Wellness Hacks (pdf)

7 October 2018
LinkedIn: Future-proof… is there such a thing?

29 June 2018
CEO Magazine: The rise of the ‘other’ CEO – the Chief Ethics Officer

22 June 2018
The Constant Investor: Talking Finance Podcast with Alan Kohler – Facial Recognition (audio)

19 June 2018
SAP: The Technology Trends that will Impact Business in the Future (video)

11 June 2018
China Daily: Sci-fi is fast shaping a new reality

6 June 2018
CEO Magazine: 5 things we learned at the World Business Forum in Sydney, Australia

11 May 2018
ABC Radio Darwin: Futurist Shara Evans discusses flying cars with Kate O’Toole (audio)

21 April 2018
Ode: Could Blockchain be used to combat Deepfake Videos?

20 April 2018
ABC Radio National: People vs Privacy (audio)

15 April 2018
ISACA: Five Questions with Technology Futurist and North America CACS Keynoter Shara Evans

12 April 2018
Industry Moves: Technology that could fundamentally change what it means to be human: Q&A with Futurist Shara Evans

1 April 2018
Ovations: Tech vs Touch – Top 10 Touchy, Tech Speakers

29 March 2018
Ovations: AI. Not working as expected

16 March 2018
Shara Evans on Triple M Riverina MIA: A Tribute to Stephen Hawking (audio)

5 March 2018
ISACA: Technology Futurist Shara Evans to Keynote ISACA’s North America CACS Conference

5 March 2018
Ode: Who leads in an automated future?

4 December 2017
Additive Manufacturing Today: Futurist Shara Evans | 3D Printing

29 November 2017
The Australian: Technology to transform the way we teach and learn

14 November 2017
Herald Sun: Q&A panel discuss Australian political citizenship debacle

14 November 2017
ABC News: Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, the dual citizenship saga and the racial vilification of Sam Dastyari discussed on Q&A (article and videos)

14 November 2017
Innovation Aus: Angus Taylor on data regulation

13 November 2017
ABC Q&A: Section 44, Space and Skeptics (video stream)

26 September 2017
Computer Weekly: Australians need to develop digital competencies

22 September 2017
InnovationAus.com: Thodey – More work needed on jobs

21 September 2017
ABC Radio National: Australians want more Government action to prepare for Jobs of the Future (audio)

21 September 2017
AIIA Whitepaper: Skills for Today, Jobs for Tomorrow (PDF download)

21 September 2017
AIIA: Australians ready to embrace jobs of the future, says AIIA survey

11 August 2017
The Project: Driverless cars (video)

7 August 2017
Investment Magazine: The existential challenge of AI

19 July 2017
Investment Magazine: As AI reshapes the workforce, it will reshape investment

15 July 2017
News.com: Disruption: breaking down the workplace buzzword

10 July 2017
Security Brief AU: Survey – Cyber & cloud will disrupt the security market, but not everyone agrees on the effects

9 July 2017
Weekend Sunrise: Australia’s robot revolution (video)

4 July 2017
Radio 6PR Morning Show: Robots + Jobs (video)

16 June 2017
NAB Business Research and Insights: Robots as a Service: The future of farm automation?

5 June 2017
Techday: Gaze into tech’s crystal ball: Futurist Shara Evans talks security

31 May 2017
Targus: EduTech and the Future of Education

29 May 2017
Talking Lifestyle (Macquarie Media): Robots won’t take our jobs – or will they? (audio)

17 May 2017
Pop Up Radio Australia: Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact (audio)

7 May 2017
Weekend Sunrise: Robots threaten 5 million Aussie jobs (video)

4 May 2017
Money Summit: Banking and the Devices of the Future: A Discussion with Shara Evans (video)

3 May 2017
News.com.au: Australians need to ‘wake up’ to the robot threat, with five million jobs at risk: Futurist Shara Evans

28 April 2017
Telstra In:Sight: From man to machine: Life in the sci-fi era

27 April 2017
ABC Radio Adelaide 27 April 2017: The Robot Economy (audio)

16 April 2017
Channel Nine News: Mastercard Selfie Pay (video)

12 April 2017
Money Summit: Three Megatrends in Banking Technology: A Discussion with Shara Evans (video)

9 March 2017
FinForward: Futurist Shara Evans | Financial Advisers + AI (video)

9 March 2017
Triple M Riverina MIA: Wikileaks CIA Documents – Can Smart TVs and other items be hacked? (audio)

27 February 2017
Triple M Southwest: MasterCard Selfie Pay (audio)

13 February 2017
SAS Users: Facial recognition: Monetizing faces in the crowd

31 January 2017
The Australian: Time to talk about living with technology on our terms

16 January 2017
Curtin FM Radio: CES Innovations (audio)

1 January 2017
SBS: Older Australians benefit from tailored technology solutions (Video and article)

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