Understanding how the public sector can take advantage of rapidly accelerating technological changes

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Technological change is impacting industry and government at a rapidly accelerating rate. Understanding that automation is happening much faster than most people expect is fundamentally important to providing services to the public.

The Future State: What Digital Transformation Can Create

The pace of technological change is impacting industry and government at a rapidly accelerating rate. Focussing in on the impact of emerging technologies on the public sector, futurist Shara Evans talks about the latest advances and the flow-on impact to the economy.

Topics covered include:

  • Smart Cities / Cities of the Future: What will tomorrow’s cities look like? What’s the impact of driverless vehicles and how soon might changes occur? What’s on the horizon for long distant transport? How will drones fit into city life? Will we have flying taxis? How can the public sector use technologies such as augmented and virtual reality for city planning?
  • Automation and the impact of AI / Robotics: How can the public sector embrace these new cutting edge technologies to streamline government processes? What is the impact on jobs within the public sector? What are some of the new jobs of the future that will be of key importance in the pubic service sector?

Understand that automation is happening, and will accelerate much faster than most people expect, is fundamentally important to providing services to the public and taking a pro-active role in ensuring that we’re creating a future that we want to live in.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Public Sector

In this keynote speech, technology futurist Shara Evans describes an amazing array of emerging technologies, and how they will pose both opportunities and challenges for the public sector.

These technologies will create industries that will shape the world over the next 10-20 years, along with creating new opportunities to integrate disparate datasets – coming from many different sources.

Geospatial datasets underpin the brave new world of robotics and smart cities, and can be augmented with sensor data and advanced AI-based image recognition. Challenges and opportunities for the public sector include breaking down silos between departments, balancing open data and privacy, public / private collaboration, leveraging technology advances, and understanding the implications of technology on the future tax base.

By showing how cutting edge technology developments can be leveraged to provide a new generation of government services, as well as identifying increasing risks in the area of data security and privacy, Shara will provide you with insights that will help you navigate the new world of ubiquitous connectivity.

Technology topics covered in this speech include:

  • Technology Mega-Trends — An intro to the world of emerging technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D visualisation, biometrics and the Internet of Things) and how the public sector can leverage these technologies for the visualisation of spatial datasets and 3D city + infrastructure planning
  • Smart Cities — Bringing infrastructure to life with sensors, IoT connections, robots and drones
  • Self Driving Cars + Cars of the Future — Exploring the latest in automotive technologies, robot vision, vehicle sensors, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, along with the ripple effect driverless cars will have on the economy
  • Automation — Understanding how Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will change the employment landscape, create new opportunities and industries, enable innovative ways to leverage image recognition technologies, as well as raising huge challenges for government entities that don’t embrace disruption
  • The Next Wave of Big Data — How Artificial Intelligence will transform information silos, perform advanced voice recognition, facial + object recognition, and emotion detection.
  • A Look Into the Future — How the convergence of biotech, ICT, nanotechnologies and augmentation of our bodies may change what it means to be human. And, the implications for tomorrow’s workforce.
‘We were blown over by what will happen in the future. It was a very insightful presentation, and one that we will certainly take back to our offices because we have to plan for the future.’
Bruce Roberts, General Manager Operations , Landgate

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