Will Technology Let us Live Forever?

Will technology let us live longer? What will this mean for older citizens?

The Future of Healthcare – Implications for the Pharmacy Industry

When it comes to healthcare, we’re living in such an exciting period! The combination of software and devices, as well as cutting edge research in the area of artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, brain machine interfaces, stem cells and genomics are going to have a huge impact on the pharmacy industry, and our everyday lives.

In this speech, Shara shares a mix of how emerging technologies are already being used, and where we’re headed in the future, along with lots of ideas on how pharmacists can incorporate these leading edge technologies into their businesses.

The Future of Aged Care — Cutting Edge Technologies that will Improve Older Citizens’ Quality of Life

In this keynote speech, Futurist Shara Evans will explore the latest cutting edge technologies that will improve the quality of life for our aging population.

With ground breaking advancements in augmented reality, ingestible devices, smart homes, 3D printing of body parts and food, artificial intelligence and robots, Shara paints a picture of how these technologies will evolve over the next 10-years and beyond, where older Australians’ will harness the power of innovative technology to retain their independence for increasingly longer periods of time.

Topics covered include:

  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, facial recognition, voice interfaces, biometrics + 3D cameras — Enhancing the way we interface with our environment
  • Wearable, Implantable and Ingestible Devices — Enablers for a new of Generation of Healthcare Services
  • Smart Homes — How connecting to the Internet of Things will enable elderly citizens to stay home longer, and remain socially engaged
  • Robots! Get ready for the robot assistant — everything from robot cleaning appliances, to beds that transform into wheelchairs, hair washing robots, personal trainers and even driverless cars will help elderly citizens stay mobile longer
  • Mind controlled prosthetics — Opening up new opportunities for elderly patients with physical disabilities
  • 3D Printing — In the not-too-distant future everything from spare parts to body parts will be printable on demand. Get ready for 3D printed orthotics, exoskeletons, bionic ears and much more!
  • Artificial Intelligence / Digital Avatars – How smart software will assist aged care management

The Future of Healthcare

Be prepared to go on a journey into the future of healthcare, that in many ways will seem like it’s straight out of a science fiction move — but is in fact already happening around the world due to stunning advances in the convergence of medical research and technology.

In this speech Futurist Shara Evans delves into an array of amazing technologies that are set to revolutionise healthcare. Find out how augmented reality is giving sight to people who are legally blind, how virtual reality is helping quadriplegics regain feeling in their limbs, and is also being used by surgeons in operating theatres around the world. Learn how 3D bio-printing is set to change everything from drug development to limb replacements. And then there’s robots and AI, which will be true game-changers for diagnostics, preventative healthcare, surgical procedures, prosthetics and much more.

We’re on the cusp of ultra-individualised healthcare, and medical technologies that will allow us to live longer and healthier lives. And, the convergence of biotech, ICT, nanotechnologies and augmentation of our bodies may change what it means to be human. Are you ready for the future and what this will mean for you?

This is one speech you won’t want to miss.

Health: Will Technology Let Us Live Forever?

Be prepared to be taken on a journey into the future and ponder that important question, will technology let us live forever?

Futurist Shara Evans delves further into this and shows us a world of how the latest technology advances are likely to significantly disrupt the traditional model of providing healthcare and services. Covering evolving topics such as new wearable sensors that can be used to provide ultra-individualized healthcare, technologies that will allow us to live longer and healthier, the convergence of biotech and ICT, and how nanotechnologies and augmentation of our bodies may change what it means to be human. Are you ready for the future and what this will mean for you?

Topics covered include:

  • Wearable sensors – Enabling ultra-Individualised healthcare
  • Biotech and ICT – Convergence of science and technology and what this means
  • Nanotechnologies and the augmentation of our bodies – What this means for humans
‘Shara’s presentation was absolutely brilliant, interesting and engaging. I actually heard gasps in the audience they were so engaged.’
Valeria Ignatieva, Events Lead, Females in IT & Telecommunications (FITT)

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