Virtual Keynotes, Webinars, Podcast, Digital Conferences + “futurist In Residence” Options

Shara’s virtual keynote speeches, webinars and other onlne offerings cover a wide range of topics across a broad range of industries

Her signature style has been applauded by audiences locally and globally for providing the latest insights on what is happening in technology today, and typically have been described as “mindblowing”.

Shara ensures that whatever your online event objectives are, your audience with be left with impactful key takeaways, along with an opportunity for online interaction with Shara and other delegates

The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting widespread cancellation of events, social distancing restrictions, and ongoing limitations on international travel mean that organizations, brands, partners and agencies must take action NOW to find new ways of connecting with clients, staff, association members and partners.

Futurist Shara Evans has designed a suite of digital offerings ranging from virtual speeches, webinars and online conferences to full-fledged online events.

Shara uses online tools such as Zoom, as well as working with content delivery partners to provide full-fledged events that have all the features of a “live” event, but in virtual format. And, if you already have an online content delivery platform Shara can work with that as well.

Shara also offers a range of virtual “FUTURIST IN RESIDENCE” services for executive teams drawing upon her vast experience in strategic technology consulting.

Shara has designed a variety of online offerings, which can be tailored to a client’s specific needs – starting with engaging Shara as a virtual speaker for an online event or webinar, to working with a team of top rated global futurists, or a content delivery partner to deliver high-definitition live streamed or pre-recorded sessions that include top-end features such as pay-per-view, company branded channels, and much more.

Virtual keynotes, Webinars, Podcasts + Remote Presentations

All of Futurist Shara Evans’ extensive futurist content is available for online delivery via a number of platforms. Shara also offers a range of services for executive teams drawing upon her vast experience in strategic technology consulting.

Regardless of your Industry, Shara’s online keynote speeches + webinars bring together the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge research projects, tying them into strategic insights specifically for your audience.

Shara has designed a variety of online offerings, which can be tailored to a client’s specific needs  starting with engaging Shara as a virtual speaker for an online event or webinar, to working with a team of top rated global futurists, or a content delivery partner to deliver high-definitition live streamed or pre-recorded sessions that include top-end features such as pay-per-view, company branded channels, and much more.

All of Shara’s live and virtual speeches are tailored to meet a client’s exact brief, and include cutting edge research on a vast array of topics + vertical industries.

Popular topics and areas where Shara has been doing a lot of research in 2020 include:

  • The Future of Work
  • The Technologies used to Fight Coronavirus + How they will Impact Every Industry
  • Life in the post COVID-19 World
  • Advanced Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Automation
  • The Future of Cybersecurity + Privacy
  • Sustainability: Climate Change + Alternative Energy Sources
  • The Future of Humanity – Exploring the key technologies and events that will shape what it means to be human

Shara’s highly customized online offerings can be delivered across a variety of platforms, and include numerous options for audience interaction:

  • A totally online virtual keynote, webinar or digital conference, where all speakers and attendees are using an online digital platform. As COVID-19 global lockdowns and social distancing rules lift, Shara’s performance can be filmed at a professional studio, with moderators assisting with live audience interaction.
  • A pre-recorded, professionally produced keynote speech, which could additionally include real-time audience interaction (Q&A) during the live (in person) conference or digital event.
  • Shara’s remote participation (keynote speech) that is incorporated into an in-person event held at a physical location that would normally require travel. Subject to COVID-19 regulations, Shara’s performance can be filmed at a professional studio, with many value-added features. And, post-crisis this is an affordable option to bring Shara into your event without incurring travel costs (although third-party studio + AV fees would be applicable for professional filming).


Technology Futurist Shara Evans is an experienced Podcast Guest and Interviewer and is available to appear as a guest or act as a host/interviewer for your company’s one-off or series of podcasts.

Shara is a professional keynote speaker – performing live in front of audiences of thousands of people. She is also a regular guest on live and pre-recorded global broadcast TV and radio shows. And, is routinely engaged to host and participate on panels at live events, as well as commenting on live Q&A from audiences as part of her keynote speaking engagements.

If you’re planning to invest in a podcast series for your company, Shara will ensure that the content she records as a host or interviewer is professionally researched and delivered in a dynamic format.

Digital Conferences

In conjunction with The Futures Agency, and a global network of over 50 top futurists, Shara Evans is able to offer your audience a unique experience: We can provide the content, the hosts, the panelists and the speakers and can also run the entire show for you, online.

During these times of lock-downs and travel bans (and afterwards as well) online events + virtual conferences are a great alternative, and open many new doors to interactive experiences.

Read this ABC News feature on our new offering.

The Futures Agency organizes online events and conferences of any size – offering turn-key solutions for agencies, brands, corporate clients, governments, organisations and event planners. We can put together entire programs for you, or we can take your existing event concepts and convert them to online formats, or simply do remote keynotes for you. And, we can integrate your own speakers and executives, as well.

Online live-streaming is included, online archives can be monetized, and serialized events are easily done.

Shara and her global network of Futures Agency colleagues are working with many leading speaking agencies and event planners around the world to jointly explore this new ecosystem.

Packages include:

  • Live Conferences — Customized for every client, and all sessions can be recorded and/or live-streamed (public or private) on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live
  • Pre-recorded Keynotes + Live Discussions — Password protected and hosted on video platforms or a client website
  • Enterprise Conferences — Fully white-labelled live or pre-recorded sessions, lasting up to 3 or more days in a row

Full Featured Virtual Keynote Speeches + Events

Futurist Shara Evans’ extensive content is available for online delivery in conjunction with a strategic partner that offers a full event experience for live or pre-recorded events.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Shara’s performances will be professionally live-streamed or recorded from her home office, but as soon as restrictions are lifted Shara will deliver her remote keynote speeches and webinars from a fully equipped studio with the support of professional audio visual technicians and a platform designed for live streaming single keynote speeches all the way to multi-week events.

Options include:

  • Live Webcast or Stream on Demand — Available for Shara’s virtual keynote speeches and webinars, or your entire event!
  • A variety of interactive options to engage your audience, including: Live Q&A, Polling, Delegate Chatrooms and Post-Event Surveys
  • The ability to bring together all speakers — no matter where they are physically located — into a single event on a live or pre-recorded basis
  • The ability to do live Q&A delegate sessions — even with speakers who have pre-recorded content
  • Fresh event content that can be made available over a multi-week period — ideal for events that would normally be held as multi-day conferences with concurrent breakout sessions
  • Extensive Branding — including dedicated hosted brand channels — to maintain your event, corporate or government brand equity
  • Sponsorship opportunities — numerous opportunities such as sponsoring a concurrent conference stream or doing a short video pitch between keynote speakers or sessions
  • A Virtual Exhibition Hall — enabling event organizers to retain a valuable revenue source, and provide delegates with a place to virtually explore exhibitors’ products and services
  • Virtual Round Tables — enabling Facilitated discussions, or allowing Delegates to chat amongst themselves in small groups
  • Pay Per View options — allowing event planners to monetize content during the event, and afterwards
  • Searchable Video Channels — ideal for large events where there are many speakers and concurrent sessions
  • Pre-event teaser videos (for pre-recorded sessions)
  • This platform uses adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure the highest video quality for each individual viewer

Shara’s virtual keynote video delivery partner also provides extensive viewer analytics — allowing event planners to gain valuable experience in how to best format online conferences.

This is an exciting new initative, done in partnership with a company that has the ability to provide services for large events, scale down to much smaller events, and to professionally record and broadcast single speaker online experiences.

Virtual “Futurist in Residence” For Executive Teams

Right now — more than ever — corporate, government, and non-profit Boards of Directors and Executive Management teams need to embrace out-of-the-box thinking to navigate their way through the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond.

Futurist Shara Evans offers a range of services for executive teams — drawing upon her futurist perspective and vast experience in strategic technology consulting.

Shara was recently named by Forbes as one of the World’s Top 50 Female Futurists, and is also the Founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analyst firm that provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of emerging technologies.

Shara also founded Telsyte (which she sold to publicly listed UXC, now part of DXC Technology), and has been providing innovative research and strategic consulting on telecoms and emerging technologies throughout her successful career, as well as serving on Advisory Boards for organisations such as CSIRO.

In addition to consulting assignments, Shara is now offering an online “FUTURIST IN RESIDENCE” virtual services for executive teams.

Shara is able to join your Board or Executive Management meetings on a one-off or ongoing package basis. This can be done via audio or video connectivity, although we recommend a video option, as facial expressions and gestures are such an important part of human communications. If you don’t already have an internal video platform, no worries! We can provide both a video platform and meeting moderator.

Shara is one of those rare individuals who merge incredible technical skills with an innate understanding of the social and economic impact of new technologies.

In this time of crisis, having one of the world’s leading technology futurist experts who is also a strategic consultant with a multi-decade track record as part of your team will give you the edge you need to navigate times of uncertainty, and turn emerging global trends to your advantage.

Shara has been researching all aspects of COVID-19, and is ready to help you and your team respond quickly to the many uncertainties that may arise as we move from lock downs to an increasingly open environment. Whether it comes to understanding how technologies such as how AI and Robots can help your business, the Future of Work, Advanced Healthcare, Cybersecurity and more having ad hoc access to one of the world’s top technology futurists can help you navigate the “new normal” as it begins to emerge.

Shara helps her clients understand new product and service opportunities that are being underpinned by emerging technologies. Frequently working with executive, strategy and product teams, Shara gets organizations to think outside the box of what’s available today to imagine the world in 10 – 20 years, and assists them in commercializing these concepts into innovative new products and services.

Shara prides herself on taking the time to work with you and your team to tailor her advice to directly address the issues relevant to your company and industry.

Looking For a Dynamic Speaker?

Get in touch now to check Shara’s availability to speak at your next event. Shara works closely with her clients to ensure all her presentations are tailored to your event – ensuring maximum impact for your business.