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Future Workforce: Podcast

Shara Evans participated on an expert panel for Sprint Business' Podcast, which looked at the "Future Workforce". The discussion covered a range of topics, including: "Always on,” telecommuting, SaaS and globalization, as well as how people thrive and lead happy, engaged, productive lives as they swim through evolving work/life expectations.

Future Workforce: Podcast2020-10-05T22:57:13+11:00

Sustainability, Climate Change, and Alternative Energies

Sustainability and climate change are becoming increasingly important issues for humanity's longevity on our beautiful planet. I'm wrote this in March 2020, where in Sydney, Australia where we've seen many months of the worst bushfires Australia has ever had, followed by flash flooding in the same areas.

Sustainability, Climate Change, and Alternative Energies2020-04-08T20:56:16+10:00

Unsafe at any Connection: Autonomous Vehicles Lacking in Privacy, Security Protections

Long after the release of the Ford Pinto, and subsequent book by Ralph Nader “Unsafe at Any Speed”, the auto industry became accustomed to regulations at almost every corner. In the digital age, we need to consider automotive cybersecurity and privacy to be just as important as other safety features we've learned to depend on.

Unsafe at any Connection: Autonomous Vehicles Lacking in Privacy, Security Protections2019-07-30T14:46:41+10:00

Digital Assistants

Home assistants and voice activated interfaces can be so convenient - but what you may not realize is that in order to do these things, the software is always on and is always listening.

Digital Assistants2019-07-02T19:22:34+10:00

Smart Cities

In order to make cities liveable with so many people, we need to use smart technologies like sensors to help us plan and maintain them.

Smart Cities2019-07-02T19:23:23+10:00

Australia’s New Encryption Legislation – Major Changes Required

Australia passed its disastrous "Access and Assistance" legislation - a political farce with terrible consequences for society and the technology industry - and I firmly believe that this legislation is attempting the impossible.

Australia’s New Encryption Legislation – Major Changes Required2019-02-18T20:24:48+11:00

AI Ethics

Ask a search engine what the world has to say about AI ethics, and you're guaranteed a plethora of scholarly articles, blog posts, magazine features, and images—some animated, illustrating the ‘trolley problem’.

AI Ethics2018-09-27T10:17:27+10:00

Digital Health, Transparency, Consent and Respect

Transparency and consent are necessary components of ethical data handling, but what about respect? On Monday morning, Australia's Digital Health Agency began defending the security of the Government's MyHealth Record system, but by midday the agency was concerned with more immediate matters: users inundating its online and telephone systems.

Digital Health, Transparency, Consent and Respect2018-08-26T20:57:52+10:00
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