Driverless Cars

Driverless cars have been a discussed for quite some time, but what impact will the Coronavirus pandemic have on the timing and roll-out of autonomous vehicles?

Driverless Cars2021-03-30T12:05:59+11:00

The History of Safety Regulation is Written in Blood

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘safety standards are written in blood’, in reference to a reactive, rather than proactive approach to safety regulations. So, why is the world so determined to see the same fix-as-we-go attitude towards the safety standards of self-driving cars?

The History of Safety Regulation is Written in Blood2018-05-29T19:22:12+10:00

Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless vehicles remain one of the tech industry's favourite futuristic scenarios, fuelling a daily run of announcements, partnerships and promises. Since 2018 began, the IT industry has watched, in horror, the slow-motion train wreck of Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities. Why? Because these are hardware bugs and they’re harder to deal with than a slip in a C++ library. What does this mean for driverless cars?

Autonomous Vehicles2019-06-27T13:07:17+10:00

Future Tech: An Interview with Dr Dean Economou (Part 1)

New Form Factors for Computing Devices and Displays, Holograms, Automotive Interfaces, Driverless Cars and Platooning Robot Cars. In this Future Tech interview, we're speaking with Dr Dean Economou who guides NICTA research and development for impact in the Digital Economy, Broadband Applications, Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics.

Future Tech: An Interview with Dr Dean Economou (Part 1)2023-02-04T15:03:40+11:00
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