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Property Market

How can the property sector harness the power of emerging technologies? What will our society do if we double the years of retirement and almost halve the workforce to support it?

What will tomorrow’s cities look like? How will emerging technologies such as 3D printing and robotics impact construction methods? What’s the likelihood of people living longer, healthier lives?

Changes and Possibilities in the Property Market: A Technological Look at the Future

What will our society do if we double the years of retirement and almost halve the workforce to support it? Where will the housing market go with a contraction in the base of local and overseas buyers due to massive job losses? How will our economy react as we move from the mechanised era to the automated era?

Are sports cars a status symbol of the past as automation not only takes over the production of cars but the driving of them?

Leading us through the potential minefield of the future will be Shara Evans, futurist, engineer, social commentator and thought-provoking speaker.

Topics covered include:

  • Smart Cities / Cities of the Future: What will tomorrow’s cities look like? What’s the impact of driverless vehicles and how soon might changes occur? What’s on the horizon for long distant transport? How will drones fit into city life? Will we have flying taxis?
  • Automation and the impact of AI / Robotics: Around the world leading think tanks are forecasting that 40-50% of employed people will be out of a job within the next 10-15 years if this pans out, how many people will be able to get into the housing market? What kind of accommodation might be feasible if people are earning a ‘living wage’? What happens to the housing market if there is a withdrawal of international money due to automation overseas? What kind of jobs might be displaced, and why both in Australia and overseas? Where are the new jobs of the future? What is the impact of low job growth, lower consumption, and higher welfare?
  • The Impact of People Living Longer: Find out about some of the latest technology-based health innovations. In the short term we’ll need more aged care facilities, but eventually people will live longer and still be healthy. What are the flow-on impacts for the property market of people living longer, healthier lives?
‘Shara’s an absolute delight to work with! Shara presented a whole lot of new ideas which are going to really impact the property area down the line, in terms of technology but also biotechnology, ageing and a whole bunch of different areas.’
Deborah Upton, Property Funds Association

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