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Banking, Finance + Insurance

FinTech. Disruption. Risk. Opportunities. Shara’s keynotes help you navigate the brave new world of finance.

Facing disruption? Don’t despair – find new ways to manage risk, understand valuable new asset classes, and understand what it means for your Industry.

Technology Innovations — New Ways of Managing Risk

Focussing in on the impact of automotive technology for the insurance industry, futurist Shara Evans talks about the latest advances and the flow-on impact to the economy, as well as the many new technologies that will impact the commercial property segment.

Technologies like augmented reality, sensor networks, drones, robots and 3D printing provide many new ways of mitigating property risks, as well as creating brand new high value asset classes. Be prepared to understand how this affects your business today and what you can do to minimise disruption within your Industry, Shara highlights exactly what this means and how you can take the next steps to ensure success.

Topics covered include:

  • Next generation vehicles
  • Augmented Reality
  • Sensor Networks
  • Drones
  • Robots
  • 3D Printing

Disruptive Technologies — Implications for the Finance Industry

Highlighting the Fintech Disruptors, futurist Shara Evans outlines a roadmap to what is already appearing on the market, as well as educating her audience on the latest emerging technologies that will create or disrupt business across a wide range of industries — along with their potential for creating new investment and finance sector opportunities.

Stay ahead of the game with this insightful keynote session to help navigate your way to a successful future today.

Topics covered include:

  • FinTech State of Play — New Banking and Finance Options (P2P Lending, Robo-Advisors, Big Data Analytics), Crypto Currency, NFC (smart cards, digital wallets / phone payments, new form factors for ATM machines), FinTech Hubs
  • Emerging Technologies — Profound changes in the way we live (augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, 3D scanning, 3D facial recognition) — cross-industry impacts and opportunities
  • 3D Printing set to shake up the supply chain — In the not-too-distant future everything from spare parts to body parts to houses will be printable on demand
  • The next generation of shopping — The technologies underpinning mass customisation (will we still need shopping centres or retail stores?)
  • Home automation — Connecting to the Internet of Things, Smart Appliances and Robot Shoppers set to make financial transactions
  • Air, Land + Sea: Expect to see Robots everywhere! Examples include driverless cars (impact on financing, insurance, individual car ownership, car parks), drones popping up everywhere, and robots as a service
  • Artificial Intelligence — In a world where Digital Avatars conduct transactions, what is the impact of automation on jobs?
‘I am quite sure that most, if not all people present left the awards ceremony with their mind blown’
Jason Swemmer, Head of Audit & Risk, Cleanaway Waste Management Limited

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