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The Rise Of Enterprise BYOD: A Disruptive Trend or The Future Of How We Do Business?

The world is going increasingly mobile. In 2011 smartphones outsold laptops, and in 2013 numerous analyst firms were predicting that tablets would outsell computers (including desktops and laptops) before the end of the year.So with the obvious rise in popularity of mobile devices and tablets in society as a whole, it was only going to be a matter of time before these devices became increasingly integrated into the business world.In this article we present: 13 Factors To Consider When Implementing And Managing A Successful BYOD Strategy

Hot Sector in 2014: Mobile Device Management

The mobile device management market is heating up, and is set to be one of the fastest growing market sectors in 2014.Mobile Device Management (MDM) software provides enterprises with a policy and configuration management tool for a wide range of mobile devices including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and ruggedized laptops — typically supporting over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings over multiple mobile operating systems.Additional features include the ongoing monitoring of mobile devices, and security features such as the ability to remotely wipe data from a device.

Small Business Telecommunications Service Use and Experience

New research by Market Clarity has found nearly 29% of small businesses owners are suffering the same customer service and complaint-handling problems experienced by general consumers, even though the vast majority are paying for business-grade services.The study also found 32% of small businesses say that even a one-hour fixed broadband outage would have a serious or "catastrophic" impact on their business, a figure that more than doubles in the event of a 24-hour outage.Surprisingly, more than 50% of small businesses say they have no back-up plan if their fixed broadband went down.